OPACKGROUP's quality certificates

The subsidiary companies of the OPACKGROUP have experienced great growth in the past few years, regarding quality. The actions we have undertaken with respect to all the aspects of quality, sustainability, and environmental and social responsibility have especially contributed to this. In a changing world, supplying a good and technically sound product no longer guarantees the continuity of the company, both in the short and long term.

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The OPACKGROUP intends to supply and produce according to a fully fledged quality system. That is why all the subsidiary companies are certified according to the BRCGS Packaging Materials standard. An ever growing part of our sales takes place in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In this sector, the BRCGS Packaging Materials quality system is used. This system comprises procedures, working methods and hygiene regulations. This way, we can produce and supply our products in accordance with quality and hygiene standards.

Every year, our BRCGS Packaging Materials quality system is assessed by an external agency. Our certification guarantees our buyers that we produce in a responsible way. Manufacturing products according to the highest quality standards is the highest priority within our company. This means there is a lot of testing and checking going on.

Environmental Policy

In line with the social responsibility we take on as a group, the entire group is certified for ISO 14001, including CO2 reduction management. ISO 14001 is an international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. An environmental policy has been developed to this end. The requirements of the system are a continuous enhancement of performance and protection of the environment. As well as controlling any environmental risks due to our activities. It goes without saying that we also comply with the applicable legal requirements, to say the least.

One of the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) is for an organization to carry out a so-called energy audit. EED offers the option to use an ISO 14001 certificate to this end. This proves we are committed to reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and take measures to ensure this.

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Sustainability is an essential part of our policy. The OPACKGROUP holds a Gold Ecovadis certificate. Ecovadis is a worldwide collaboration platform of leading companies that regard sustainability as a top priority. Ecovadis aims at improving the environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable buying. Ecovadis is the largest and most reliable provider in the world of sustainability assessments for companies. The Ecovadis system provides transparent scores to customers and suppliers, and they can see where our strong and weak points are regarding the sustainability criteria. Furthermore, action plans are drawn up.

Social Policy

It is important for all employees to be aware of the changes in standards, working methods and the applicable laws and regulations. In order to realize this, we work with a Litop e-learning system. The employees are trained with respect to all important subjects. Ranging from quality systems, environmental aspects and food safety culture to safety aspects. There is an onboarding module for new employees. Employees can also be trained in specific disciplines.

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NRK Sector

All companies of the OPACKGROUP belong to the Dutch rubber and plastics industry federation (Federatie Nederlandse Rubber- en Kunststofindustrie); NRK This federation looks after the interests of around 400 companies, grouped in 19 trade associations. They work to ensure a healthy climate for the manufacturing industry, and stimulate competitive power, innovation and the transfer of knowledge, training and professional education, a better environment and recycling. Approximately twenty colleagues of the OPACKGROUP are members of the board or of various project groups, such as food safety, EH&S, etc.

All the OPACKGROUP companies belong to EFTA Benelux. This is a trade association for companies that specialize in the flexographic printing process.

All companies are certified, and these certificates can be found on the websites of our companies; just select a company


A strong team of packaging producers

The OPACKGROUP produces and supplies a full range of specialized, flexible films and packaging in paper and plastic variants. The group consists of seven manufacturers, ten production sites, independent research lab, inhome reprographics and more than 750 professionals with huge experience! We would like to unburden you; from design to packaging production and implementation.

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More than 3,000 customized products

In our digital product environment; innovation and sustainability meet in the diverse range of flexible custom packaging solutions.

With a balanced mix of knowledge and passion for the packaging product, we specialize in developing advanced packaging solutions which not only meet but exceed the demands of today’s dynamic markets!


At home in all markets

In our digital market environment, visitors have reached the destination for customized packaging solutions in a broad spectrum of sectors. We divide these into main areas food, non-food and agri/horticulture.

Discover the OPACKGROUP’s detailed market selections meticulously tailored to specific industry needs. With a focus on customization and innovation, you will discover the perfect packaging solutions uniquely designed for your business.

Experience our expertise in packaging for different markets – your journey to customized solutions starts here!


Think in solutions

Meet OPACKGROUP’s solutions: our online hub – dedicated to the unique properties of packaging. Discover innovative, sustainable customized solutions for a variety of industries. Consider flexible packaging options designed for ultimate product protection and environmental responsibility.
Help us shape a greener, more efficient future – together we can make IMPACT! A few examples:

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    CO2 reduction

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