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OPI is a member of the Oerlemans Packaging Group and a producer of polyethylene packaging and film. From the Frisian town of Oosterwolde, packaging is supplied for a variety of products in various markets. In November 2022, the fast-growing company will have existed for 12.5 years: a great milestone in more ways than one!


On May 17, 2010, the then SL Packaging was acquired by the OPACK Group. At that time, SL Packaging was in dire straits due to the credit crisis. The name changed that spring to Oosterwolde Plastic Industry and from then on the company started to grow. Production capacity has more than quadrupled in 12.5 years. The number of employees has also grown steadily from 25 in 2010 to 67 in 2022. The jacket became much too small in 2017; the decision was then made to take over the adjacent furniture hall and add it to the factory in terms of construction.

OPI’s specialties are producing LDPE* (Low Density PolyEthylene) and HDPE** (High Density PolyEthylene) films. Well-known applications include meat packaging, sheets, sleeves, bags, garbage bags and laundry bags. Printed garbage bags and laundry bags are made by the company through an efficient technique with modern and fast machines, where the film is produced, printed and finished in one process step. This in a blend of odorless regenerate from Post Industrial and Post Consumer Waste (household waste)


Packaging manufacturer stages anniversary with Charity Campaign



Charity Campaign

Director Rick de Jonge looks back with pride: “In particular, the actions we take in the area of social responsibility have contributed to our growth. In today’s world, supplying only a technically sound product is no longer a guarantee of business continuity. We are also continuing our focus on the further development of recycled, bio-based and biodegradable film. Good and sustainable products are developed together! We want to further expand this way of working at a time when the economy is going to help create a better climate through sustainable transition.”


Are you working for a charity or do you know of a charity that is active within the Municipality of Ooststellingwerf that could use financial support? You can submit the charity with a motivation via the email address: Submission is possible until December 14, 2022 at the latest. Condition is that the charity has a social and regional purpose and does not consist of an individual person. All OPI employees will cast their votes on the submitted charities. Based on the number of votes for each submission, three initiatives will be supported, with the prizes distributed to the highest number of votes for each project. Checks will be presented to the three winning charities through an official presentation in 2023.

Year Milestone
2010 May 17 OPI launches as part of the OPACKGROUP
2011 doubling order book within one year
2011 expansion with new sealing machine
2012 acquisition and integration Conpax Druten
2012 construction of new extrusion hall
2013 new extruder
2015 second new extruder
2017 expansion of location through acquisition of adjacent premises
2017 furnishing complete new office
2018 new sealing machine – corner weld
2020 Replace LDPE line with higher production and new HDPE line with 2 new extruders
2022 new soil sealing machine

Markets & products

  • Meat, fish and poultry > (Food) crate bags, sheet covers
  • Dairy > HDPE butter film
  • Food general > vending tube for bag in box system, pin bags
  • Fresh produce > cucumber, broccoli, iceberg slaw shrink wrap
  • Cleaning industry > bags tubeless on roll
  • Industry > film, tube, bags, sheets and sleeves
  • magazines > magazine film
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