Circu-Sleeves and chemical industries a perfect fit

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Which single packaging solution can optimize processing, improve the packaging circularity and boost product differentiation? It’s a stretch sleeve! Known for its outstanding innovative flexible packaging solutions; Oerlemans Plastics (member OPACKGROUP) is one of the European market leaders producing stretch sleeves.

OP-CLEAR and OP-FUSE tunnel film

Next generation labelling

A stretch sleeve is a flexible polyethylene label. Applied without heat and adhesives it perfectly fits any bottle, jar, cannister and drum. Only using the elasticity of the material. Stretch sleeve labels offers many benefits to chemical processing and distribution organizations. In this article some key benefits are highlighted.


Stretch sleeves are a crucial element improving the circularity of your rigid packaging. Stretch sleeves can be easily removed from the rigid packaging. Leaving no label or adhesive residues. Label and adhesive residues heavily impact the quality of the recycle and re-use stream. On top of improving the recyclability of the rigid packaging, the stretch sleeve itself is fully recyclable.

OPS Gutter protection film

360 degree communication

Chemical industries are confronted with stricter regulatory requirements. Stretch sleeves offer a 360degree communication surface with plenty of space for safety warnings, hazard logo’s and product instructions. Of course, leaving sufficient space to communicate your brand identity in highest quality.

Increase production output

Only the EU has already 24 official languages. Operating in an international environment many organizations needs multiple Stock Keeping Units (#SKU) for one single product. Chemical processing organisations could significant reduce their number of SKU’s adding multiple languages on one sleeve label. The 360 degree printing surface enables to combine languages. Already many processing organizations benefits from the reduced number of SKU’s resulting in less change overs, reduced complexity, stock levels and efficient distribution. Processing wise the newest generation stretch sleeve application machines offer high output, quick change over times and optimized space utilization.


As a stretch sleeve supplier it is unique to have the production from resin to sleeve all in control. This enabled Oerlemans Plastics (member OPACKGROUP) to synchronise and optimize every single production step to achieve the excellent stretch sleeve. OPACKGROUP continuously develops flexible packaging solutions contributing to a circular economy. On top of the recyclability of the standard stretch sleeve, Oerlemans Plastics launched the Circu-sleeve. The Circu-sleeve is manufactured with >50% post-consumer recycled material making the stretch sleeve an even more sustainable label solution. The market dynamics in the chemical industry demand flexibility in the full supply chain. Oerlemans Plastics offers the reliable lead times and flexibility to support your business. If you are interested, together we can find out helping you to reduce your footprint and improve your process. I am happy to get in touch and develop your solution! Please respond to this blog for tailor made advice.

Rudy van der Kooi, Product Manager Sleeves at Oerlemans Plastics

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