Management sheets

Management sheets from Oerlemans Plastics prevent root growth in the new substrate and are user friendly.

Beheersvellen plant-1-producten(Oerlemans Plastics)
beheersvellen-1-producten(Oerlemans Plastics)

Prevents root development!

Control sheets prevent root development in the new substrate. These sheets are placed on the substrate mats during the control period, between plant and substrate. The blue color makes them quickly recognisable.



Technical specifications

material Low Density Polyethyleen (LDPE) film
color blue
version loose sheets in te box
dimensions 15 x 15 cm per 3000 sheets per box, 20 x 20 cm per 2000 sheets per box and 25 x 25 cm per 2000 sheets per box
thickness 50 mu
Henri van Hemert Account manager horticulture

M. +31 (0) 6-52390199


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