Training truly sustainable packaging for web store formulas

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What could be better than being asked by one of your loyal customers to participate in the E-learning “Packaging in E-commerce.”


It happened to Tibor Tholen (product manager industry at Oerlemans Plastics) last year and so he participated in the project group for the E-learning from with various experts from different disciplines in this industry. So together they examined the whole packaging process in the E-commerce industry, with the aim of offering starting and growing companies in this sector a helping hand from the industry association.

Which way of packaging suits your company, which materials do you prefer and what is this preference based on? How do you set up your packaging process as efficient & future proof as possible, what do you need and what is involved. As Tibor often points out in customer conversations: look for the best solution based on functionality, sustainability and the customers in your industry. It is also important to ensure an efficient and customer-friendly shipping and return process.

Also in e-commerce there are still sustainability steps to be taken. We at Oerlemans Plastics apply the 5R sustainability strategy of Rethink Plastics . here are many sustainability options for plastic e-commerce packaging, such as reducing the thickness of packaging materials (RE-duce) and using recycled raw materials (RE-cycle) and bio-based raw materials (RE-new).

Read more about this and other E-Learnings on the E-academy website of and watch the E-learning video below! If you are looking for custom packaging advice on flexible plastic packaging for E-commerce, please feel free to contact Jesse Braun (e-mail:, tel:+31-416-358100) for more insight into sustainable, efficient solutions.

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