Oerlemans Packaging Group achieves great result during National Circular Economy Week

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During the National Week of the Circular Economy, the Oerlemans Packaging Group finished among the last five! We were also shortlisted for the National Conference on Circular Economy.


Elske Verbraak announced this great achievement from Strijp-S, The New Block in Eindhoven. By submitting our recyclable barrier packaging, which consists of mono-material, we are going to help the food world become more sustainable, among other things. As a packaging manufacturer, we have been setting our sights on a circular economy since 1992 with the motto – the sustainable innovator. A new factory with modern machinery will open later this year to develop this circular packaging in large numbers. We feel tremendously supported in our mission by this final place and will confidently continue to develop this circular innovation!

Also watch the video about our recyclable barrier packaging:

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