Topseal film

Topseal film has excellent sealing properties and is perfectly processable.

Top seal folie vrij staand

Perfectly processable

Topseal film or also called lidding film is used for packaging fresh produce/meals under protective atmosphere (MAP). All desired roll widths and thicknesses available. Topseal film is highly transparent with optimal sealing properties. Available in many qualities, such as OPP, OPA, PET, PP, with or without anti-fog and with or without barrier. Any desired laser, micro or marco perforation is possible. Printed up to 10 colors. By using mono material, also available in 100% recyclable quality.


    Making PET trays sealable

Technical Specifications

Many qualities possible PET/PE, PET/PP, OPA/PE, OPA/PP, OPE/EVOH
Optional Hot needle, laser and macro perforation/ flexographic printing in up to 10 colors/ lamination and various coatings
Meat bags
Rob de Leeuw Product specialist


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