TopEmBoss® embossed film

TopEmBoss® Embossing Film is used as temporary carrier or separation material for sticky substrates, such as rubber, prepregs, or tape.

man met autobanden topemboss prepeg prepreg (rubber) ss 633895742
TomEmboss preegfolie-5-producten (Plasthill)

Easy removal thanks to embossing

Embossed films are widely used as separation films on mostly sticky substrates. The applied embossing reduces the contact area between film and substrate and traps air. This makes the film easy to remove.

Technische properties

Patterns Pyramid, diamond, satin and linen
Width 12 to 2300 mm
Thickness 18 to 250 µm
Cores 76 mm or152 mm (3 of 6 inch) inner diameter
Possibility to print Up to 10 full-color colors
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