Extra-clear film

Our EH film saves on energy costs and is UV resistant for 1 year in the Netherlands. This results in almost no light loss.

Schermfolie-4-producten(Oerlemans Plastics)
vleeszakken vrijstaand

Provides good insulation for greenhouse walls!

Saving on energy costs is a must these days. An insulating foil is then a good solution for this. For the side wall, we have developed extra-clear film, also called screen film. Using a special recipe, the film is extra-clear and results in almost no light loss.


    substrate cultivation
    other greenhose cultivation

Technical specifications

material Low Density Polyethyleen (LDPE) film with UV
color transparent
execution plano and folded on a roll
width standard widths are 175, 200, 250, 330, 350, 425, 480, 530, 580 and 680 cm, other widths on request
thickness standard thickness at 50 mu, other thicknesses on request
length customized
perforation optional, 6 mm holes fully customisable
Piet van den Oord Account manager horticulture

E. pvdo@oerlemansplastics.nl
M. +31 (0) 6-11806145


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