Deep-freez Film

Our strong Crispy freezer film is very suitable for representative packaging of your frozen products. Printing in up to 10 colours possible.

Vrouw pakt frozen food diepvries supermarkt(food) ss 778046812
bobfolie bedrukte flowpack crispy diepvries folie scop-55-producten(Oerlemans Plastics )

For perfect presentation of your frozen goods

For optimum shelf presentation of your frozen food, the shiny and crispy Crispy deep-freeze film is perfect. It has very good optical and mechanical properties. The material is suitable for high-speed processing of today’s filling machines.


    vegetable products
    meat products
    potato products

Technische specificaties

properties freeze resistant, strong, rigid, glossy or matt, fast processability
quality multi-layer coex film
dimensions any standard width possible
thickness all common thicknesses possible
material colour clear transparent or coloured
finishing options on roll printable in up to 10 colours
certificates BRCGS, ISO14001, ISO26000
Thijs van de Koppel
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