Anti-slip sheets

The anti-slip sheets are anti-slip on both sides. Moreover, these sheets are 100% recyclable, saving on waste volume.

Anti-slipvellen pallet klein-10-producten(Oelemans Plastics)
Anti-slipvellen pallet klein-1-producten(Oelemans Plastics)-

anti-slip sheet prevents sliding pallet loads

Give your pallet load high stability and save on packaging costs. sTOP slip sheet is moisture repellent. The recipe contains a roughing agent, which ensures stable pallets and prevents the pallet load from sliding during transport.


    cover sheets
    pallet sheets

Technical specifications

dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm and 120 cm x 100 cm
thickness 70 mu, 50 mu en 35 mu. Other thicknesses available if required.
colour transparent or blue
finishing options machine film, sheets loose or on rolls
certificates BRCGS, ISO14001 en ISO26000
perforatie micro en macro perforatie optioneel
certificaten OK biodegradable SOIL (TüV Austria), BRCGS, ISO14001, ISO26000
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