Overname activiteiten Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker door OPACKGROUP een feit

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s-HERTOGENBOSCH – De OPACKGROUP heeft per 3 april de activiteiten van Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker overgenomen. Het overnamebesluit is officieel bekrachtigd door Vincent Tol (managing director Adriaan Dekker) en Joan Hanegraaf (DGA OPACKGROUP). De activiteiten van de verpakkingsproducent worden verplaatst van het Noord-Hollandse Wormer naar het Overijsselse Rijssen, bij Verpakkingsindustrie Stempher


As a manufacturer, Stempher has already built up considerable expertise in making paper packaging types. The production lines of Adriaan Dekker are highly regarded in the packaging market; the BRC certified manufacturer has been producing paper packaging for various applications since 1850. The production at Adriaan Dekker will be moved, after which from Stempher the product portfolio of the company will be continued towards clients and potential clients. All known products and semi-finished products of the 173 year old company will then be offered again from the OPACKGROUP. The company Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker itself will cease to exist after the transfer. On the site of the paper manufacturer from Wormer a transformation will take place to another destination of the site; new houses will be built here in the future.

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Paper packaging

The arrival of Adriaan Dekker’s packaging program means a solid expansion of the product portfolio for the OPACKGROUP. The North Holland producer made industrial and retail packaging for food and non-food products. The company was active with various paper packaging in sectors such as the food industry, retail, aviation, construction and automotive.

With ten production sites in the Netherlands, the OPACKGROUP has a strong position in the Dutch packaging industry. “We look forward with confidence to the implementation of the packaging program. This will enable us to serve our customers even better with a wider range of packaging solutions,” Hanegraaf says; “We see many opportunities. At Stempher’s paper branch alone, the packaging program brings reinforcement, both in terms of applications and in customized solutions for our clients. Obviously this is an opportunity to apply our sustainable vision on packaging also to the new portfolio of paper packaging we can offer.”

From sugar packaging to wrapping paper

Owners Vincent and Vanessa Tol look proudly at an eventful history of almost 175 years of delivered craftsmanship: “After the takeover of Adriaan Dekker in 2004 a lot has changed within the company. The portfolio of wrapping paper was expanded to include production of industrial packaging, sugar packaging, carrier bags and block bottom bags. Production techniques such as printing, cutting and folding of paper packaging materials in numerous forms have been realized over the years. Seizing opportunities in market developments in which the position of paper has taken an increasingly important role has brought the company Adriaan Dekker many successes. This has not gone unnoticed in the packaging world; thus, interest arose from the much larger organization OPACKGROUP for integration of our portfolio into an even more complete offer in flexible packaging. After some good discussions, we came to this step. We are therefore proud of the activities we have built up. We are confident about the future of Adriaan Dekkers’ products when they are continued by the OPACKGROUP.”

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Some packaging products from the portfolio of Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker

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